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Sevier County High School Textbook/Chromebook/Lap Information

Textbook General Information

Textbooks are issued from the library using your student ID # (lunch number).  Your teacher will bring you with your class to check out your books for that class.

As soon as you receive a textbook, check it for any problems – missing pages, torn pages, mold, writing, etc., and immediately report any problem to your teacher.

Write your name in ink in the front of the book in the appropriate space.

All textbooks issued to you are to be returned to the library at the end of each semester – even for full year classes.

When your book is scanned in at the end of the semester, you must listen to the name being stated and confirm that it is your book.  The barcode on the book must match the book you checked out.  Otherwise, your book is considered lost unless someone turns it in.

Textbooks brought to the library during the school year will be checked in.  You may check in the library to see if yours has been returned.

Student Responsibilities

You are responsible for each book issued to you.

Keep your book away from all liquids (e.g. rain, drinks, etc.)  Wet books that develop mold are considered damaged beyond use and students will be charged for the full cost of the book.

Financial obligations for lost or damaged books must be met before any other textbooks will be issued. The obligation carries over from one school year to the next. All obligations must be cleared before certain privileges are extended, such as purchasing parking permits.

Chromebooks and Laptops

Students use Chromebooks and laptops in the classroom. They are not checked out to individual students from the library.   Damages to these are the responsibility of the student and must be paid. Teachers keep a written log of who uses each computer each class period.