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New Non-Fiction

Here are titles of some of the new items in the library.  The list is not all-inclusive.  There are many more waiting for you.

If you like science and technology : 

 Recentering the Universe : The Radical Theories of Copernicus, Kepler,and Galileo
 Shows how European scientists, in the span of roughly one hundred and fifty years, overturned the centuries' old accepted view of a geocentric universe. 
 Curiosity's Mission on Mars : Exploring the Red Planet    
 Discusses some of the information sent back from "Curiosity," the Mars Rover, including pictures of the Martian landscape, traces of water in Martian soil, and the key chemicals necessary for life.
 The Elements : A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe
 Presents a photographic representation of the 100 + elements in the periodic table; and includes facts, figures, and stories of the elements, data on the properties of each, and the year and location in which it was discovered.
 The Periodic Table : A Visual Guide to the Elements    
Looks at the fascinating story and surprising uses of each of those elements, whether solid, liquid or gas. Each entry is accompanied by technical data (category, atomic number, weight, boiling point)
 Stuff Matters : Exploring the Marvelous Materials that Shape Our Man-Made World
 Explains the science and history behind some of the materials that surround us, exploring graphite, concrete cloth, paper, chocolate, and many more.
 Engines of Change : A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars
  Chronicles the history reflected by fifteen iconic car models to discuss how automobiles reflect key cultural shifts as well as developments in such areas as manufacturing, women's rights, and environmental awareness.
 Tommy : The Gun that Changed America
  Presents the history of the Thompson submachine gun, discussing its development by John Taliaferro Thompson and its use in World War II and by gangsters including Al Capone and John Dillinger.
 Sneaker Century : A History of Athletic Shoes
 Sneakers in the 1800s were just a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Today athletic shoes are a multi-billion dollar industry. In Sneaker Century, readers will analyze the history of sneakers and their impact on athletics, fashion, culture, and more.

If you like the natural world : 
 The Secret Language of Animals
 Shows the whys and the hows behind the distinctive behavior of creatures great and small in their natural environments.
 Smart and Spineless : Brainy without a Backbone
Looks at some of the feats of learning, memory, and problem-solving invertebrate creatures carry out with their tiny brains.
 Planet of the Bugs : Evolution and the Rise of Insects
 Provides an examination of insect evolution.

If You like domestic science :
 Bargain Fever : How to Shop in a Discounted World
 An investigation into the world of bargain hunting and how shoppers and sellers try to one-up each other, from the haggling bazaars of Istanbul to Black Friday. 
 The Green Teen Cookbook
Shows teens how to shop smarter, cook more consciously, and eat a healthier diet.
But I Could Never Go : Vegan! - 125 Recipes That Prove You Can Live without Cheese, It's Not All Rabbit Food, and Your Friends Will Still Come Over for Dinner
 Deliciously refutes every excuse you've ever heard with 125 bursting-with-flavor vegan recipes for every meal of the day--including dessert!
 Penny Chic : How to be Stylish on a Real Girl's Budget
 Gives teens practical, savvy small-budget style advice.  Includes plenty of photographs in a clean layout visualize the ideas.
 Plastic Purge : How to Use Less Plastic, Eat Better, Keep Toxins Out of Your Body, and Help Save the Sea Turtles!
 Our computers and children's toys are made out of it, and our water and slices of American cheese are packaged in it. But why is there so much and what is it doing to our bodies? Is it possible to use less plastic and be happier and healthier?

If you like the fine arts : 
 The Art of Steampunk : Extraordinary Devices 709.05
 Contains profiles of steampunk artists and provides color photographs of their artwork, including jewelry, watches, light fixtures, and more.
 The House Tells the Story    728

 Historian David McCullough and artist Adam Van Doren unite for an excursion to the celebrated homes of fifteen American presidents.
 A Bag of Marbles
(graphic novel format)
 Autobiography of two young Jewish brothers who escape from Nazi-occupied Paris in 1941 and spend the next three years in a desperate struggle for survival.
 The Crafter's Guide to Patterns : Create and Use Your Own Patterns for Gift Wrap, Stationery, Tiles,and More  745.4
 A guide to designing patterns, with step-by-step tutorials for choosing colors, and creating backgrounds, borders, and full-scale repeats.  Also details how to apply the patterns to multiple surfaces and includes 20 free motifs to download and adapt.

If you like history/biography : 
 The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
 "A look at the causes and global effects of the 1945 atomic bombardment of two Japanese cities, which led to the end of World War II but set the stage for hostilities in the Cold War era"
 Seward's Folly and Alaska        
 Discover the circumstances and geopolitical effects of the Alaska purchase in Seward's Folly and Alaska

 William Wyler : The Life and Films of Hollywood's Most Celebrated Director
 Explores the career of one of Hollywood's most unique and influential directors, examining the evolution of his cinematic style. 
 The Trigger : Hunting the Assassin Who Brought the World to War  940.311
Investigates the life and times of Serbian assassin Gavrilo Princip, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and the First World War.
Pure Grit : How American World War II Nurses Survived Battle and Prison Camp in the Pacific   940.54
 A story of sisterhood and suffering, of tragedy and betrayal, of death and life. The women cared for one another, maintained discipline, and honored their vocation to nurse anyone in need--all 101 coming home alive.
 Courage Has No Color : the True Story of the Triple Nickles : America's First Black Paratroopers   940.54
 History of the the United States military's first black paratrooper unit
 1808 : The Flight of the Emperor : How a Weak Prince, a Mad Queen, and the British Navy Tricked Napoleon and Changed the New World    946.9
  Offers important knowledge for understanding how modern-day Brazil, a diverse mix of the ancestors of Europeans, slaves, and natives, was created.
 From Moon Cakes to Mao to Modern China : An Introduction to Chinese Civilization    951
  An introduction to Chinese civilization, addressing art, science, religion, society, and other related topics.

If you are an outdoor person :
 Field and Stream's Guide to Catching Bass