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This Week in Baseball

Sevier County High School Baseball

12-4-17 thru 12-11-17 (Mon to Mon)

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”


*Daily Entrance:  Rocks & trash/ Board & Stations/ Trash, Stations & set lockers/ dress & assigns…

+Kangaroo Court = board, colors, water bottles, balls, equip, cleats indoors, indoor set, bathroom, trash, lockers,


*Turn Ins:  (Checklist includes): = Physical, Insurance, Permission, Code of Conduct, Info,  Concussion, Academics, & Transportation)

+Physical:   Rader,  Huskey,  Webb,  Orr,  Mitchell, Venezuala,  Britt,  Willcoxon,  Peres,  Ray

+Insurance Card copies:  Mitchell, Venezuala,  Britt,  Peres,  Robertson,  Hanson,  Ray, Flynn

+Permission Forms:  Mitchell, Venezuala, Britt, Peres, Henry, Patrick,  Hanson, Ray, Flynn

+Information Sheets =  Mitchell, Venezuala,  Aguiar,  Ray, Flynn


*12th +See Important Dates (Posted)      & Complete TBCA Scholarship App…See for info


*Package Orders will be available next week (2nd order provided before season)

+go to  +Choose items  +add to cart  +check out



Mon – 315 report/330-530 open facilities  (Assignments, lifts, & swings)


Tues – 3:15 report / 3:30pm open facilities      +BBall (A) Cocke Co


Wed – Off/Optionals      +Coaches:ETBCA 630, depart 530                                                                                                                

Thurs – 315 report/ 330-530 open facilities                                     


Fri/Sat/Sun – Off/Optionals        +BBall (Home) SDoyle


Mon – 3:15 report / 330 open facilities    +Hosting smyba meeting 630