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This Week in Baseball

Sevier County High School Baseball

5-13-19 thru 5-20-19 (Mon thru Mon)

“Inch for Inch life’s a cinch, yard for yard life is hard.”


*Spring Sports Physicals Tues, May 14th 530-730pm on campus, $10


*Smoky’s Banquet Thurs, May 16th at SCHS, 6pm Theatre


*Support other schedules: Soccer & College Player Schedules Available:  Gay, Hadden, Justus, Lingo/Wallace (H Tues & weekend)


*SC Summer Team: schedule at’click tourns : 

+Tentative plans….these dates are prob best options but not set in stone..Please review & communicate potential conflicts

+May 24-26 Host & play, May 29 Knox West (A), June 5 Knox West (H), June 8-10 at Kingsport or PF, June 14-16 Host (no play)

+June 21-23 Hosting & play, July 5-7 Host & play, July 19-21 Host & play…...

=Roster:Finnigan,Peres,Milton,Satterfield,Reagan,Patrick,McGrane,Kinkeade,Joslin,Greene,Townsend,Adams,Long, McFalls, Fowler

(& still available to play on off/open weekends for those SC guys playing on one of other travel teams)


*TBCA Showcase Team tryout Monday, May 27th 10am start at Carson Newman (Brochures posted)

+Unsigned tryouts: Cleveland State Fri May 17th                  +LMU Tues June 4            =All Events posted



*Mon : 4th block report 130: Lunch, Scout Report, Inside Assigns, Outside Assigns / 315 dismiss/4pm Dreps & bp

+445 dress (Tn High BP Inside)/ 5 routines/ 6pm start: Tn High vs SCHS (Home) wearing: Full Pins, Purple Trim



*Tues : 4th block report 130  & TBA (Based on Mon results)                             +County Track & Field Day/Physicals/Soccer (H)



*Wed:  4th block report 130/145 dressed/ TBA                                                 +Region Finals (A) unless both District II teams win



*Thurs: 4th block report 130/TBA                                                                        +Smoky’s Banquet at SCHS



*Fri: 4th block report 130/ 145 dressed/ TBA                                                    +Sectionals: #2 at #1 (both regions)



*Sat   off/optionals                                                                                        



*Sun off/optionals