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This Week in Baseball

Sevier County High School Baseball

2-12-18 thru 2-19-18

“Don’t focus on the outcome.  Focus on the people, purpose, & process that creates the outcome.”



*12th:  See Important Dates Sheet (Posted)  & Student Announcements & TBCA Scholarship App


*4th:  =Naysmith: Insurance, Permission, Info       =Caudill :  Insurance, Perm         =Peres: Ins, Perm

+Afters:    Tascan:  Insurance, Permission, Info      =Robertson: Ins, Perm, Info      =Patrick:  Phy, Ins

? =Hurst & =Florida:  Phy, Ins, Perm, Info (All)       =Blalock: Info, Perm,Ins

+Need/Missed Concussion Tests:  Patrick, Reagan, Ray


*Work Day:  Saturday, Feb 17 (Report to Indoor, Bring Tools, Equip, Ext Cords, Pressure Washer, etc)

+1st Shift 9am-12pm: Moore, Rader, Naysmith, Huskey, Orr, Willcoxon, Milton, Murrell, Newsom, Reagan,

+2nd Shift 12-3pm:  Lewis, Caudill, Rowe, Webb, Britt, Finnigan, Patrick, Ray, Mendel, Dennis

+3rd Shift: 3-6pm:  Robertson, Peres, DHurst, Hughes, Tuscan, Aguiar,


*College Schedules Available:  Cate, Silva, Gay, Justus, Hadden, Osborne, Conner, Brown, Lingo, Wallace, Giersdorf


*Tryouts:  Mon., Feb. 12th (Feb 13 TBA) 3:30pm Report to Indoor Facility



Mon-130 4th reports/145 dressed/315 afters/330 dressed                                       +6pm MS: Rader,Caudill,Milton


Tues – 130 4threport/145 dressed/315 afters/330 dressed /                    +6pm MS: Moore, Naysmith/ Girls BBall (H)


Wed –130 4th block report /145 dressed/Off day afters/                    +6pm MS: Webb, Willcoxon, Reagan/ +BBall (H)


Thurs –130 4threport/145dressed/ 315 afters report /                                               +6pm MS: Orr, Murrell, Peres


Fri –130 4th block report / 145 dressed/ Off day afters                                                              


Sat –Work Day (See above shifts)                                                                                           +Slade team 10am/12 A’s team


Sun-Off/Optionals                                                                                                +2pm Cubs/4pm MS:  Huskey, Finnigan         


Mon- V/2B only: 1230 bp/ 115 load/ 130 depart/ 245 Arrive & Dress / 3pm Routines/ 4pm start SCHS vs Hardin Valley (Away) Wearing:  Gray Practice pants, Purple stripe top, Black Trim      +MS 6pm: Helpers to Assist TBA


++If players need to switch/change shifts then do it amongst yourselves then let me know to confirm++