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This Week in Baseball

Sevier County High School Baseball

12-10-18 thru 12-17-18

“Above the line behaviors are the foundations for every decision in your life. – Tim Kight”


*Condolences to Coach B and his family on the passing of his father…


*Congrats to Jensen Overbay – signing with UT


*Upcoming Xmas plans:

#1) Helping the Homeless – Sundays with Gina Davis (let me know if interested/available)

#2) Assisting with elderly dinner – next Wed Dec 19 530pm at Sevier Co Nursing Home

#3) County wide Toy Drive – Bring in toys in boxes to commons area

#4) Equipment to TBCA – Bring in used uniforms/apparel/equip items into facility

#5) Proof of the Pudding at Gatlinburg Convention Center – Week after xmas (show at next Boosters meeting)


*Remaining Player Turn Ins:   (Need By end of xmas break!!)

+Info Sheet: Peres, Hughes

+Physicals:  Webb, Willcoxon, Murrell, Milton, Newsom, Reagan, Shannon

+Insurance Card copy:  Peres, Hughes, Shaw, Adams, Townsend, Shannon

+Permission note: Peres, Hodges, Shaw, Adams, Townsend, Shannon


*Upcoming SCHS Summer Team: Plans & Roster announced…..Schedule by end of xmas break

+Get an idea of schedule at’click’ tourns

+Confirm Roster spot during current fall player evaluations



+Continue Fall player evals / Notebooks / Individual categories (9) / LSU lifts / & eRo


*Mon : No School = Snow Day / Optional Day after school hours /


*Tues –Off/Optionals    (Make up lift day!!)     +BBall (A) South Doyle                  


*Wed: Gray practice tops – 315 report & dress / 330 sessions                     


*Thurs: ¾ practice tops –315 report & dress/ 330 sessions


*Fri –Off/Optionals         +BBall (H) Seymour


*Sat/Sun –Off/Optionals                                                                                                             


*Mon - (Black Practice Shirts) 315 report / ero session c12  +BBall (H) Heritage